Being a Gentleman V: Classy Suit Tips and Stylish Accessories

Being a Gentleman V: Classy Suit Tips and Stylish Accessories



Welcome to another entry in ‘Being a Gentleman’ series. This month, we will be tackling a bit of a lighter and easier topic with everything that had been going on in my life but no less relevant. I’ve talked many times about a good gentleman should dress in many different ways. I’ve talked about my recommended designer brands, style, etiquette (which I hope to tackle further in a later entry) but this time I wanted to go in to specific tips on how to actually wear your suits and the accessories. You’d be surprised how many different tricks that need to be remembered that can turn you from a poser who looks like he’s trying too hard in to a true and classy gentleman. To that end, I have listed 25 of the best tips I have found and try to use on a daily basis in my wardrobe, suits, accessories, etc. Hopefully you are able to get some use out of these as well.

1) Know your measurements and know your surroundings. — An absolute starting necessity. You know need to know what fits you in order to look your best not to mention the life you lead and the surroundings you want to look good in. 

2) Do your research. — Don’t be fooled by what a salesman or someone else might say. Do your research and know what is good and what isn’t to prevent a bad purchase and ultimately a bad look.

3) Don’t wear visible logos. — You aren’t trying to show off someone else’s style. You are trying to integrate other styles in to your own. Brands and accessories are tools to further your personal style and thus your choice in brands and accessories should reflect YOUR style, not the brands.

4) Unbutton the bottom button of your vest or jacket. —  Your outfit is supposed to look good AND comfortable, not like you are being enclosed and suffocated.

5) Remember the “Sometimes, Always, Never” three button rule. — Sometime top, always middle. bottom never.

6) White shirts need to look white. — Bleach is your best friend here. If they don’t like white, bleach the hell out of them or throw them out. 

7) Ties of any kind are purely for decoration. — Think about it. Ties really have no functional use other than to look good. So make sure the ties you have are tied properly and tied well as this will majorly help your overall appearance.

8) Always pair a tie with something else. — Whether it be a suit jacket, vest, whatever, a tie ALWAYS needs to be paired with something else for your ensemble. Simply wearing a tie with a button up shirt looks very odd and non-stylish unless you are trying to aim for the hipster look.

9) Know your tie knots. — A good rule of thumb is to know at least 4 and the proper occasions for each.

10) Always wear a tie clip. ALWAYS! — There is no excuse for not wearing one. You don’t want your tie flapping about like a bird’s wings. Keep that sucker in place.





11) Specific color suits are for specific occasions. — The best example of this would be black suits. Black should only be used for funerals or evenings out, not for a day event so either buy a tux or skimp on it all together. Make sure you have a different variety of different color suits to fit any occasion.

12) Wear a belt or suspenders but NEVER both. — I typically wear a belt as I find suspenders to be a little bit on the off putting side but I see the appeal for both. Wear one or the other. Both is never necessary.

13) When wearing a suit, make sure to wear long over the calf socks. — Dude, no one wants to see your hairy legs at least in public.

14) Try to match the color of your belt with the color of your shoes. — This is particularly true with black. Black belt and black shoes are EXTREMELY classy and matches really well. Brown is a little bit more flexible but it’s still good practice to follow for any color. It just looks so much better and adds much more cohesion to your ensemble.

15) Invest in quality cufflinks. They are one of the most underrated classy accessories and will last you a LIFETIME.

16) Carry a slim wallet with the minimum of what you need. — Bulging back pockets are ugly and not trendy.

17) Do not mix colors of jewelry. — Platinum, gold, and silver jewelry do not belong in the same outfit. It looks gaudy and flashy.

18) Cheap or digital watches are a NO. — Unless you are doing sports, STAY AWAY from digital or cheap-looking watches. It is better to wear no watch at all than a cheap looking one.

19) Match your socks with your trousers if at all possible. — Again, it adds to the look of cohesion and plus it will make you look taller. Trust me, it works.

20) Don’t be afraid of a little scruff. — A little scruffiness around the edges is not a bad thing so long as you don’t look like a bum of the street. A lot of women LOVE that look and it can look sexy and distinguished if you know how to use it.




21) Dress for the occasion. — It helps to know the difference between black tie formal, black tie optional, semi-formal, business casual, and casual.

22) Make sure your suits are pressed and ironed. — Wrinkles and folds NEVER look good.

23) For heaven’s sake, STAND UP STRAIGHT!! — Never hunch. You are supposed to want to look confidant and sexy in a suit, never that you are trying.

24) Stick to a budget. — Don’t go too much outside your range especially if you can’t afford it. It provides an air of desperation and in the end will hurt more than it will help.

25) Take care of your wardrobe. — Your wardrobe is ultimately there to make you look and feel good and therefore proper care is ALWAYS needed for them. Not to mention they will last you much longer in the end. Make sure they are tailored, brushed, and washed regularly as well as make sure they are hung on wide hangers to best avoid wrinkles and issues even if they are plastic hangers. Take care of them well and by extension, you will take care of yourself much more.

And there you have it. Use and remember these tips when you are dressing up and it will truly help you find and dress like the gentleman you want to be. Until next time my classy readers, ~Geronimo!!



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