The Cinematic Yogi: Blog Plans for 2018

The Cinematic Yogi: Blog Plans for 2018

2018 is going to be a very big year for me personally in many ways. I have a lot of different things I plan on pursuing as well as several big events taking place this year. But to start off the year, I wanted to revamp my blog a little and give it a bit more of a focus compared to previous years. With that being said, I have renamed the blog “The Cinematic Yogi” with these changes coming into effect. So let’s get some formalities out of the way:

  1. Retiring of older series — Many older series are being retired completely. I may come back to them occasionally but for the most part, don’t expect them to happen regularly anymore. This includes:
    • Being a Gentleman / Dashing 5th Avenue
    • Spotlights
    • Book Reviews
    • Song Lyrics
    • Other one off entries (List of Lists, Web Development, Guilty Pleasures, Confidence, Gaming, Style)
  2. Focus — As per the new name, there will be a stronger focus on specific blog entries that I feel qualified and comfortable writing seriously about. Specifically, I plan to focus my writings more on these specific topics:
    1. Yoga and Meditation —
      • Yoga Themes — There will be new Yoga Themes coming in the future in particular finishing the Chakra series with Sacrum, Third Eye, and Crown.
      • Yoga Poses — A new series I’m working on will tackle specific yoga poses in terms of details, best practices, and especially the benefits of using them in your yoga routine.
      • Meditation — There will be various new Meditations and Meditation themes coming as I see fit and that come out of my head.
      • “Mindful Movies” — I will be looking at films with a cinematically mindful edge. The first entry in that series has already come out with “Kedi” last month and more will be coming in 2018.
      • Other yoga topics
    2. Film —
      • Recent film reviews — There will be more film reviews of recent films as they come out particularly some of the bigger ones such as “Avengers: Infinity War”
      • “The Criterion Reviews” — More Criterion Collection Reviews will also be coming out with the first one coming later next week.
      • Other film entries will still be coming out as things progress in the year.
        • “Adaptation Comparison”
        • “Bad Films in 5 Sentences”
        • “Horror Movie Month” 2018
    3. Doctor Who —
      • “The Year of the Monster” — As I covered all of the Doctors last year, this year I will be covering some of the biggest foes and monsters of the Doctor with an entry on the Daleks coming sometime this month to start us off.
      • Big Finish reviews — Big Finish is going to have another big year and so I will be doing more reviews of the big releases, back catalogs of stories I’m listening to, and even my first big Big Finish arc of stories I’ve discovered in the main line.
      • “The Regeneration Stories” — I plan on tackling and giving formal reviews of all of the main regeneration stories for each Doctor. Some of them I’ve already reviewed in other formats but they will still get the treatment from a regenerative and Doctor’s life perspective as well as personal insights that I learn from each one.
      • Series 11 Reviews — With the 13th Doctor’s first formal series to be premiered this year, of course there will be reviews of each episode as they come out.
    4. Miscellaneous — There will still be some miscellaneous entries here and there depending on where my mind is at.
  3. Schedule — There will be a set blog entry published every Wednesday. This is set in stone (barring complications). There will also be entries on Saturday as well but this is a bit more flexible and will be treated as a bonus depending on schedules, life, and what gets published and what doesn’t.

And I suppose that’s it. I’m so excited for 2018 and to get my content out to you. Next entry out on Saturday will be a Criterion Review of the film “Jabberwocky” followed by a review of Big Finish’s “The First Doctor Adventures”. Until then, ~Geronimo!!

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